The Shocking truth to pass the Florida Life & Health Licensing Exam


In order to become an insurance agent you must pass the Florida Insurance Licensing Examination. Each year, over 50 percent of test takers failed the insurance licensing exam and give up on their goal to get licensed. In order to avoid this fate and earn your license you must understand why so many people fail.

The foremost reason is that they do not understand how insurance works and are not totally prepared to take the exam. Many students expect to pass the licensing exam because they aced all their exams in insurance pre-license school but the truth reality is that unlike prelicensing school exams, which test for knowledge, the Florida State exam will test your critical thinking skills. In order to pass you must truly understand how insurance and annuities works so you can apply and analyze situations using your knowledge on insurance and annuities.

When studying you should ask yourself, do I truly understand what am reading and am I able to explain what I’ve learned to someone else? Doing this will prove to yourself that you’ve mastered the material.

Another effective method for studying is through audio, it keeps you engaged in the study materials. Rather than just preparing for the test on your own, we have audio preps that have been proven to help countless of students pass the Florida insurance licensing exam.  The Life & health insurance audio prep is designed by actual insurance agents and then highly rated by students who have successfully pass the exam. Check out the Life & Health Audio Prep, and experience for yourself  how this researched backed audio study prep can help you remember information and retain it for longer in order to pass your Florida Insurance licensing exam.

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