Series 6 Practice Questions

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1) Outstanding stocks do not have voting rights and the right to receive dividends.
2) What are the four phases of the business cycle?
3) Under FINRA rules a mutual fund 12b-1 fee cannot exceed ______.
4) There are 3 categories of investment companies (Face amount certificate company, Management investment company & __________________)
5) What is the current yield of a 9% bond trading for $800?
6) The market price of a stock is $50 and the conversion price is $10, what is the parity price of the bond?
7) If the yield to maturity rate is less than the original rate of the bond, the bond is at premium.
8) Government Treasury Notes (T-notes) pay interest every _________
9) A company pays $2.50 dividend . What is the annual dividend?
10) What is the current yield of a bond selling at $500 and paying an annual interest of $60?
11) Preemptive Rights allow shareholders to maintain their current percentage of ownership in a stock.
12) An investment company is required to register with the SEC as an investment company if ________ or more of its assets are invested in securities.
13) A face amount certificate company is a company that issues only ________ securities to its investors and pays a fixed rate of return.
14) Issuers of a revenue bond must have taxing authority.

The uniform securities act provides three methods of registration for public offerings of securities: Notice filing, registration by qualification, & _______________________

16) The _________, adopted by the SEC makes it the responsibility of the firm to safeguard customer’s information they collect from unauthorized access.
17) To maintain your Series 6 license you must complete continuing education. The continuing education consists of a _______ element and ______ element.
18) The securities exchange act of 1934 regulates new securities in the primary market.
19) What is the Semi-annual payment of a bond with a 5% nominal yield?
20) If you buy a stock for $50 and for a year it pays you an annual dividend of $12, after that you sell the stock for $65, what is your return on investment ROI?

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