Series 6 Practice Questions

Welcome to your Series 6 Practice Exam

1) The _________, adopted by the SEC makes it the responsibility of the firm to safeguard customer’s information they collect from unauthorized access.
2) Outstanding stocks do not have voting rights and the right to receive dividends.
3) _______________are the only agency security backed in full by the U.S. government.
4) There are 3 categories of investment companies (Face amount certificate company, Management investment company & __________________)
5) In a cash settlement, the settlement date is the same day of the trade date.
6) FINRA rule 2211 requires all firms and registered representatives to take reasonable steps to ensure that investment recommendations, and trade transactions are suitable to an investor.
7) The securities exchange act of 1934 regulates new securities in the primary market.
8) Government Treasury Notes (T-notes) pay interest every _________
9) A mutual fund has total assets of $10 million and $1 million in liabilities. If it has 2 million shares outstanding, what is its NAV per share of the mutual fund?
10) Under the investment company act of 1940, to be considered a diversified company you must meet the _____________ requirement.
11) Issuers of a revenue bond must have taxing authority.
12) What is the Semi-annual payment of a bond with a 5% nominal yield?
13) To maintain your Series 6 license you must complete continuing education. The continuing education consists of a _______ element and ______ element.
14) _____________stocks are shares that a corporation is permitted to issue.
15) Under FINRA rule, a gift of any kind cannot exceed _______ per person per year.
16) What is the formula to calculate dividend yield of a stock?
17) Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) protects registered representative from the risk of broker/dealer bankruptcy.
18) A put option gives you, the buyer, the right to buy the stock but you are not obligated to do so.
19) If you buy a stock for $50 and for a year it pays you an annual dividend of $12, after that you sell the stock for $65, what is your return on investment ROI?
20) After the termination of employment of a registered representative with a member firm. The member firm must file a Form ____within ____ days after employment separation.

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