Series 6 Practice Questions

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1) In a cash settlement, the settlement date is the same day of the trade date.
2) _______________are the only agency security backed in full by the U.S. government.
3) A mutual fund has a net asset value or NAV of $15 and a public offering price or pop of $19. What is the sale charge percentage of the fund?
4) Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) protects registered representative from the risk of broker/dealer bankruptcy.
5) The FINRA rule 5130 prohibitis the sale of the securities on its first trading day to  anyone identified as a restricted person with beneficial interest. The list of restricted person includes
6) What is the Semi-annual payment of a bond with a 5% nominal yield?
7) An investment company is required to register with the SEC as an investment company if ________ or more of its assets are invested in securities.
8) A face amount certificate company is a company that issues only ________ securities to its investors and pays a fixed rate of return.

The uniform securities act provides three methods of registration for public offerings of securities: Notice filing, registration by qualification, & _______________________

10) Cities cannot issue bonds.
11) A mutual fund has total assets of $10 million and $1 million in liabilities. If it has 2 million shares outstanding, what is its NAV per share of the mutual fund?
12) Investors with _____________ objective want investments that will appreciate in value.
13) The _________, adopted by the SEC makes it the responsibility of the firm to safeguard customer’s information they collect from unauthorized access.
14) What are the four phases of the business cycle?
15) The maximum sale charge in a mutual fund is_____
16) FINRA rule 2211 requires all firms and registered representatives to take reasonable steps to ensure that investment recommendations, and trade transactions are suitable to an investor.
17) American depository receipts are commonly used to facilitate US investors investing in _______________.
18) What is the current yield of a 9% bond trading for $800?
19) There are 3 categories of investment companies (Face amount certificate company, Management investment company & __________________)
20) The __________________represent the rate of return anticipated on a bond if it is held until the maturity date and all payments are made as scheduled.

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