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1) Some disabilities automatically classify you as totally disabled and qualify for full benefits under the _____________________.
2) To enroll in a Part C or Medicare advantage plan, you must first enroll in both Medicare Part A and Part B.
3) Medicare part A pays up to ____days in a hospital per benefit period.
4) All of the following are elements of insurable risk except
5) The State guarantee association protects consumers from what type of insurers?
6) Under COBRA, the employer is permitted to collect premiums up to _____ of the group rate.
7) Which of the following legal terms indicates that a life insurance contract contains the enforceable promises of only one party?
8) A warranty is a statement made by the applicant that is guaranteed to be true
9) Group insurance benefits schedules are determined based on earnings, employment position or
10) The initial enrollment for medicare begins three months before you turn 65, and ends six months later.
11) Buying insurance is one of the most effective ways of transferring risk.
12) In Medicare, a benefit period starts when a patient enters the hospital and ends when the patient has been out of the hospital for _____ days.
13) In a group insurance, the employees receive a _________________.
14) An insurance ________ represent the client while an insurance __________represents the company.
15) Under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (or COBRA), employers with _____ or more employees, must extend health insurance coverage up to ____months to terminated employees and their families.
16) The _______________________has the duties and responsibilities for regulation, compliance and enforcement of state laws and rules related to licensing, monitoring the financial condition of insurers, market conduct examination of both insurers and agents and approving insurance companies’ policy forms, and rates.
17) Medicare Part A will cover blood transfusions but it won’t pay for the first three pints of blood a patient receive.
18) If a beneficiary is designated as ______________, the policy owner cannot remove that beneficiary without a written consent of the beneficiary.
19) What percentage of employees must participate in a contributory plan?
20) If an insured dies during the grace period and the premium has not been paid, the policy benefit is payable.
21) Medicare part C is also known as ___________________
22) A guarantee receipt is given when the applicant pays the initial premium at the time of the application.
23) The Florida healthy kids’ corporation provides affordable health care coverage to uninsured and impoverished children ages 5 through 18.
24) ____________help pay your share of co-payments and deductible under Medicare covered services.
25) The ______________ provision specified the amount of time during which the policy must be in force before the insured is covered for illnesses.
26) Lloyd's of London is not an insurer
27) The legal action provision give you the right to file a lawsuit against an insurer, if  no decision is made on your case after _________.
28) In Accidental death and dismemberment insurance, the accidental death benefit is only payable if the death is caused by the accident and occurs within __________ after the accident, if not the benefit will not be paid.
29) There are two types of medical expense insurance, ___________, and ___________.
30) When a mistake is made on an application, the client must correct it and initial it.
31) The federal law referred as  HIPAA, the acronym stands for the _______________________.
32) Group insurance plans that require employees to pay a portion of the premium are called
33) The ________________makes insurance state regulated.
34) A ________________  exempts the policy owner from paying the insurance premium while totally disabled.
35) Insurance relies on the principle of
36) The social security program is formally called _____
37) Medicare Part B is mandatory and you are required to pay a monthly premium.
38) In a ___________________, the insurance company can increase premiums or cancel the insurance at any time by simply giving written notice to the insured.
39) An insurer must make payment within _____ after receiving notification and proof of loss.
40) __________________provides a temporary rest for a family member caring for an elderly or disabled person in order to lessen the burden and avoid caregiver burnout.
41) Life insurance is a ______________.
42) The ______________requires you to submit the paperwork explaining the extent of the loss to the insurer within 90 days after the date of loss.
43) A newly licensed life agent must complete _________ hours of continuing education every two years.
44) A ____________ is a stated initial dollar amount that the individual insured is required to pay before insurance benefits are paid.
45) According to the incontestable clause, an insurance company has the right to contest the validity of a life insurance contract for ____ years
46) The maximum fixed policy loan interest that an insurance company can charge in Florida is _______
47) A PPO plan tend to have lower monthly premiums than HMO plan.
48) What type of policy where the face amount declines year to year and is used to cover a debt?
49) To enroll in a ____________the law requires that you must have a qualified high deductible health insurance plan.
50) Health insurance is a ____________________.
51) Medicare Part A will provide coverage for mental health services in a psychiatric facility for up to _____ days in a lifetime.
52) When does service begin?
53) _________ is an illegal practice of moving a client from one policy to another within the same company for the purpose of generating commission.
54) The Free Look Provision begins when the application is mailed with the initial premium.
55) __________________provide personal care services for activities such as bathing, dressing, toileting, and eating.
56) Under a surgical schedule approach, the policy will list the types of operations covered, and their assigned dollar amount limit.
57) Which of the following is known for stressing preventative health care?
58) In Accidental death and dismemberment insurance, the policy provides two types of benefits, __________ and ___________.
59) A traditional IRA can be open by anyone under the age of ________.
60) The _______________ is solely funded by the employer, and cannot be funded through employee salary deductions.
61) There are 3 types of agent authority: Express, implied, and _________.
62) Under COBRA, if the employee is deceased, divorced or legally separated, the employee's dependents can extend the health coverage up to _____ months.
63) The general enrollment period for Medicare runs from __________   to_________ of each year.
64) To be legally enforceable, an insurance contract must contain
65) Life insurance contracts are indemnity contracts.
66) An insurer that is incorporated under the laws of New York is what kind of an insurer in Florida?
67) Who designate the beneficiary of a life insurance policy?
68) The affordable care act established a health insurance marketplace. The health plans available in the marketplace are classified into five categories. The first four categories are called the ________
69) Licensees have ______days to notify the Department of Financial Services of a address change.
70) The notice of claim provision required the insured to file a claim within ______of the loss covered by the policy.
71) ___________is the evaluation of individual factors to assess your eligibility for insurance.
72) Accidental bodily injury provision require that the cause of the injury must have been unexpected and accidental.
73) A ______ plan is for employees of non-profit organizations.
74) Noncontributory plans require 100 percent participation by eligible members.
75) What type of policy pay dividends?
76) All of the following are primary health insurance premium factors except:
77) The ________________period is a time immediately following a disability during which benefits are not payable.
78) The Physical Exam and Autopsy provisions gives the insurer the right to  examine the insured and performed an autopsy only once.
79) The ________ period is the phase an investor adds money to an annuity.
80) What annuities settlement options pay the beneficiary the proceeds in periodic installment at specified dollar amount?
81) COBRA stands for _______________________.
82) A ______________, allows you to purchase greater disability coverage amount without evidence of insurability.
83) A re-insurer is a company that
84) Which of the following risks is insurable?
85) All of the following are mandatory insurance policy provisions Except:
86) Which statement about the misstatement of Age provision in an insurance policy is true?
87) Which of the following should an agent not do during a policy replacement?
88) Under a ______________________, the insurance can never be cancelled and its premiums rates will never increase.
89) Most states require policies to use the accidental bodily injury definition.
90) What protects the beneficiary against the claims of their creditors?
91) The conversion provision allows you to convert a group coverage to an individual plan without evidence of insurability within _____ days after termination.
92) In Group health insurance, the purpose of the coordination of benefits provision is to determine which plan is the primary plan when an individual has health care coverage under more than one Plan.
93) The ________________allows you to convert the group coverage to an individual plan without evidence of insurability within 31 days after termination.
94) There are two levels of disability, ___________ & _______________disability
95) In a _______ plan, you don’t need to choose a primary care physician, and you don't need referrals to see a specialist.
96) This is a qualified retirement plan designed for self-employed business owners?
97) The ____________________ give the applicant the right to know the source of any information used to determine eligibility.
98) To qualify for the Florida healthy kids’ corporation, you must first be a resident of the state, and have a family income below ______ of the federal poverty level.
99) Which of the following is not a function of the NAIC?
100) The transfer of ownership of a policy is accomplished through _________.

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