Series 6 Audio Prep

Series 6 Audio Prep
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Our Series 6 audio prep will teach you all the materials needed to pass the series 6 exam. The content are broken into 9 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Securities investment
  • Chapter 2: Debt Securities
  • Chapter 3: Investment Companies Securities
  • Chapter 4: Variable Insurance, Variable Annuity & Retirement Plans
  • Chapter 5: Securities Procedures & Regulations
  • Chapter 6: Regulations of Securities Communication
  • Chapter 7: Securities Trading & Account Management
  • Chapter 8: FINRA membership requirements & Ethical Standards
  • Chapter 9: Investment Suitability & Risk Profiling


So why should you get a Series 6 investment license? 

When you add the Series 6 Securities investment license to your credentials, you set yourself apart from other insurance agents and enhances your potential for higher income.

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