3 Tips on How to Get More Out of Our Audio Study Prep

3 Tips on How to Get More Out of Our Audio Study Prep

It has been a couple months since you earned your Florida Prelicensing certificate.  You have spent hours reviewing the book and studying your notes. But you still have not mastered the information required to pass the Florida Licensing exam. What went wrong? Where do you go from here?

Regardless of what may have gone awry, you can still earn your license. Our audio study prep thoroughly explains all the content and will help you gain the knowledge necessary to pass the exam Here’s what you can do to make the most of our audio study prep.

  1. Download the audio files on your mobile in order listen to it on the go
  2. Listen and review each module to understand the completeness and applicability of the subject contained.
  3. Remember to practice, if you have trouble understanding, try listening and repeating several times without the text in front of you.


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